HB 139 to give legislators a seat at table in emergencies moves forward

HB 139 introduced by Rep. Greg Nibert is a top priority for the Rio Grande Foundation and should be for anyone who cares about separation of powers in New Mexico government.
On February 3 it passed the House State Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs Committee on a bi-partisan basis. Here are the votes (you can find the emails at the link above (bottom of the page).


Rep. D. Wonda Johnson
Rep. Daymon Ely (Sponsor)
Rep. Doreen Gallegos
Rep. Greg Nibert (Sponsor)
Rep. Kristina Ortez
Rep. Bill Rehm
Rep. Martin Zamora


Rep. Georgene Louis
Rep. Gail Chasey


The next step is House Judiciary Committee where Gail Chasey is the Chair and can be reached at: gail@gailchasey.com. She needs to hear from those who support this basic good government measure. You can find the emails of all committee members here.
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