HB 139 to give legislators a seat at table in emergencies moves forward

HB 139 introduced by Rep. Greg Nibert is a top priority for the Rio Grande Foundation and should be for anyone who cares about separation of powers in New Mexico government.
On February 3 it passed the House State Government, Elections, and Indian Affairs Committee on a bi-partisan basis. Here are the votes (you can find the emails at the link above (bottom of the page).


Rep. D. Wonda Johnson
Rep. Daymon Ely (Sponsor)
Rep. Doreen Gallegos
Rep. Greg Nibert (Sponsor)
Rep. Kristina Ortez
Rep. Bill Rehm
Rep. Martin Zamora


Rep. Georgene Louis
Rep. Gail Chasey


The next step is House Judiciary Committee where Gail Chasey is the Chair and can be reached at: gail@gailchasey.com. She needs to hear from those who support this basic good government measure. You can find the emails of all committee members here.
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7 Replies to “HB 139 to give legislators a seat at table in emergencies moves forward”

  1. This governor thinks she is queen and needs to be reined in. She has hurt our kids and small businesses in a big way. Please help us.

    1. The bill would require the Legislature to approve the emergency declaration of a Governor of New Mexico after 90 days.

  2. Madam,
    I would like to encourage you to support Bill HB 139. As a business in Las Cruces, NM this lockdown had effectively shut down my business. There are taxes, insurance, utilities, payroll and other expenses that occur whither I have customers or not. The Governor has not allowed businesses to open even after taking precautions to do so safely. We were told it would be a short shut down. It is now nearly a year later and we are being limited even more. To help New Mexico the businesses need to regroup and try to stay alive. So many will never come back. PLEASE help those who are still fighting.

    Local Business Owner and Citizen of Las Cruces

  3. I am asking the people who were elected to represent us and work for the betterment of business and our state, hear our plea, the governor nor any other single person should have sole authority to make any decision in any emergency, for the entire state. We are counting on you to do your part to help our state not kill it . Thanks

  4. Voteto stop the setting governor from doing as this governor has done. She has acted as a dictator not a governor.

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