Head of statewide chamber, ACI, discusses possibility of NM going Right to Work

Beverlee McClure was interviewed recently by Dan Mayfield of Albuquerque Business First. The article is worth a read as it gives a realistic perspective of how a right to work bill might fare during the upcoming legislative session.

As an added bonus, check out some of the back-and-forth between myself and former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish in the comments section (and feel free to weigh in yourself). I take issue with her unsupported assertion that of the top 7 states in economic growth, four do not have right to work laws. As this article from June of this year shows, 8 of the top 10 states in economic growth are right to work (North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Idaho, Utah, Texas, South Dakota, and Nebraska are while West Virginia and Colorado are not). There may be something contradicting that if you search hard enough and define “economic growth” in some unusual way, but right to work states pretty consistently outperform non-right to work states (as seen below), so Denish resorts to the classic tactic of third-graders and those without sound arguments (name-calling) instead.