Health Care: A Majority of Americans Don’t Trust Federal Government

Despite the drumbeat out of Washington from the media and special interests, a recent poll conducted by NPR, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health, shows that Americans don’t trust the federal government to improve America’s health care system. An article about the poll results can be accessed here.
The most important finding is that 57% of Americans have little or no faith in “a panel of experts appointed by the federal government to make recommendations on which tests and treatments insurance should pay for.” Given all the focus on the federal government as that solution to our problems, it is heartening to know that Americans are not blindly following those who would lead them down the primrose path towards socialized medicine.
In fact, many of the worst health care problems we face nationally and in New Mexico are the direct result of current government policies. Does anyone really think that the government which manages the Post Office, failing schools, and so many other areas of the economy that are not achieving their potential.