Health Care Debate Footage Now Online

In case you missed it (or you attended and want to share it with your friends), footage of the recent health care debate between Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute and Carter Bundy of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees. In addition to the footage which can be found below, Cannon and Bundy debated again, but this time on air with 770 KKOB radio host Bob Clark moderating. The audio is not available yet, but check back in a few days.

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2 Replies to “Health Care Debate Footage Now Online”

  1. Bob Clark did not ask my question, which was, “What will happen to those who do not want health care? Will they be forced to pay for what they do not want? Bye Bye 13th amendment, not to mention the 1st amendment protection of religious freedom.”

    1. The answer is simple….they will be taxed and the government will attempt to force them to receive care. Given the overall level of coercion contained in this legislation, it seems doubtful that proponents will think twice about this one.

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