3 Replies to “Health Care is NOT a Right!”

    1. Because they are being held against their will. By committing acts of violence against society, these people have given up their right to liberty. Because we as a society have taken their liberty, we have to provide food, health care, and shelter while they are in the care of our government. It is not an ideal situation, but if someone’s presence in society is a genuine threat to others, it places demands on us. That certainly doesn’t make food, clothing, and shelter a “right.”

      Or would you prefer to have your liberty forcibly taken from the state…?

  1. Andrew, that is an excellent question. But as we have heard, prisoners are a special population and they are afforded many “rights” that the regular ol’ Joe and Jane aren’t. Maybe someday, those who commit crimes will be given less than even those innocents that live in poverty.

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