Health Care Plan Flow Chart

Those who advocate for government-run health care reform love to talk about how “simple” their plans are and how they are the ones restoring the patient-doctor relationship. The problem is that anytime government is involved in managing the economy, things get complicated…and fast.

Here is a flow-chart illustrating how the House Democrats’ health care plan would work in practice:

Unfortunately, the flow chart does not adequately illustrate how the $1.5 trillion extra needed to run the plan will have to be obtained.

This article more fully explains the flow chart and how it will be used.

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One Reply to “Health Care Plan Flow Chart”

  1. This is simply scaremongering. It’s not useful and it’s not helpful. All government works through the foggy lens of bureaucracy. You could make a flow diagram that looks like this if you wanted to explain how an apple gets to my refrigerator. You can even make a similar diagram for how the healthcare system works today. This is deplorable that Republicans would prey on their constituency in this way. Provide useful information that actually shows how people will be affected in the real world. Republicans need to realize that corporations and millionaires do not make up the majority of this country. Middle-class and poor need all the help they can get to make ends meet and realize the American dream.

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