Health Care Reform: Views on Holland from an Albuquerque Resident of Dutch Descent

Americans are abundantly knowledgeable about the shortcomings of their health care system. On top of this is the drivel from the mainstream media touting the wonders of socialized medicine overseas. Fortunately, there are many Americans who have first-hand experience with foreign medical systems. And, while personal stories vary based on the individual, the importance of these first-hand accounts cannot be denied.

The Rio Grande Foundation’s Research Director, Ken Brown’s wife Agnes is of Dutch decent and has had significant dealings with the system. In this brief article, “Dutch Health Care, I’ll Take Albuquerque,” Agnes Brown explains how the system places onerous restrictions on end-of-life care and burdens taxpayers.

Also, I will be debating Carol Miller on health care on “In Focus” on KNME (Channel 5 in Albuquerque) this evening at 7pm. Tune in.