Health Care Special Session Ahead

By now, most of you are probably aware that Governor Richardson has called a special session in an attempt to get his health care bill passed. This was no surprise given the Governor’s fixation on health care before the session began, but with little in the way of agreement on the issues, Richardson’s move seems somewhat desperate. After all, even House Speaker Ben Lujan, D-Santa Fe, said of the prospects for a special session, “It won’t be fruitful for the governor to call a special session if there is not mutual agreement.”
This is the rub. The House which Richardson normally counts on for support didn’t even go along with the Governor, but instead gutted the bill. The Senate is even further away from the Governor than that.
Crazy things can happen in a special session, but if legislators seemed skittish about reforming health care in a short, 30-day session, it seems even less likely that they’ll go along with the Governor during a special session that is sure to be unpopular with legislators of both parties, particularly since they’ve already rejected his reforms once. Lashing out at those who don’t go along with his wishes seems to be the Governor’s current mode of operation. Only time will tell whether legislators cow-tow to the Governor.