Health care will be rationed, the question is “who does the rationing?”

The Rio Grande Foundation recently added a new Adjunct Fellow, Dr. Deane Waldman, to its stable of policy analysts. More information on him is available here and here. Waldman recently wrote and published an opinion piece in the Portales News-Tribune on the need for “rationing” of health care — or any resource — and the proper way to do it (hint, individuals have the most information about what they need and want).

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One Reply to “Health care will be rationed, the question is “who does the rationing?””

  1. Rationing of health care has been going on for years. Insurance providers routinely deny care or refuse to even cover those with chronic conditions. Those who work in the medical field can tell you about cases of either explicit or implicit (stalling) denials. Let’s face it, we know rationing is a fact but we don’t like to mention it unless its used in a politically motivated way.

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