Heather Wilson, SCHIP, and Domenici’s Seat

As I reported here previously, New Mexico Representative Heather Wilson has been one of the ringleaders in the House in support of the massive Senate SCHIP expansion. She is now actively working to overturn Bush’s veto.
This issue went from important to urgent with the news that Pete Domenici would retire and Wilson would be running for his Senate seat. As I point out in National Review Online, SCHIP is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Wilson’s liberal record, but we need her to see the Senate race as a reason to move to the right, not the left on SCHIP and other tax and spending issues.

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3 Replies to “Heather Wilson, SCHIP, and Domenici’s Seat”

  1. On a less imprortant point, I found it rather unseemly of Heather to leak her candidacy within hours of Pete’s health announcement.

  2. Paul, I think we should emphasize moves in a classical liberal direction rather than to the “right.” RGF is not a “right wing” organization, and we should be consistent on that.
    From a classical liberal perspective Heather Wilson is a disaster.

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