Help the Rio Grande Foundation get a larger radio audience!

If you live in the Albuquerque area, you may have never heard of News New Mexico. It is a radio show that airs throughout the state, but not in Albuquerque. The show is hosted by conservatives that frequently have RGF president Paul Gessing, capitol reporter Rob Nikolewski, and watchdog David Collins on the air.

I have been told that News New Mexico has a great chance to get on 1550 KIVA AM live weekday mornings, but management of the station needs to be convinced. Give KIVA a call at: 505-899-5029. Tell them that you want to hear News New Mexico during the week.

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2 Replies to “Help the Rio Grande Foundation get a larger radio audience!”

  1. I agree – getting a conservative venue is a critical element in our work to promote conservative thought.


  2. We get it on AM radio in Alamogordo. It is a good listen in the morning when driving down the hill. Since I do not get any AM stations where I live, it would be great if it was on a station that streamed the show live every day. Too bad that a radio station wanting audience share in Albuquerque is not airing it on a regular basis. Would be great to get a local station, based in NM, to carry good conservative talk shows, I have to listen to either KCMO(Kansas City) or KFYI (Phoenix) to get anything worth listening to.

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