Help Us Solve NM’s Budget Deficit!

Recently, the Rio Grande Foundation published this report detailing several specific, significant spending cuts that could help Governor-Elect Martinez and the Legislature close the budget deficit (currently estimated to be $400 million). Now we need your help!

Take this quick survey which will allow you to choose the cuts you’d prefer to see and preserve the programs you feel are worthwhile. We will make the final results of this survey available on our website when the results are in (after the New Year). We will also submit the results to the incoming Martinez Administration.

Take the survey and pass the survey link along to your friends and other contacts!

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4 Replies to “Help Us Solve NM’s Budget Deficit!”

  1. We need to look into the AZ solution to county lockup, actually the Joe Arpio solution in Maricopa county. Did you know that he now has his prisoners running the Animal Control facilities? May not save $50m, but every little bit helps.

  2. The NM BLM owns many acres of undeveloped land. Why not put that land and NM’s free resources 363 days of sunlight and wind to good use and generate jobs by promoting construction of more windmill farms and solar energy farms with energy being sold to surrounding states and municipalities with funding coming from investors and other states buying of energy rights.

    As for the state educational institutions, I would suggest inviting subsidy of education and resources by local, state, and national business with vested interest in the quality of education received by potential future employees; narrowing of classes offered to current job market needs, have real world application, or show a demand by the student body in participation (i.e. why must UNM incur the cost of a foreign language department when a student could receive the same education with a $500 Rosetta Stone program — they finally realized this by discontinuing Russian studies). Tuition agreeably should be raised to the national average.

    How about a statewide flat tax instead of income tax. This would tap into money not already generated by the unemployed, undocumented (illegal) population. Model our tax plan after Texas that isn’t in a budget crunch like NM.

    NM has two major E-W interstate corridors (I-40, I-10) and N-S (I-25). There is a tremendous amount of truck traffic on NM roads; therefore, the cost of passing through NM by trucking companies should be increased to help subsidize the deteriorating roads and to improve resources for dealing with snow and insterstate closures that hinder the flow of commerce through NM.

    I would go one step further with John G’s comment, close down many state prison facilities and build one large tent city in a remote part of NM that would house the non violent offenders and consolidate violent offenders into 1-2 facilities.

  3. As to the NM film investment program, it has two phases: 1) Loaning millions of interest-free dollars to Hollywood companies to entice them to shoot movies in NM; and 2) A 25% so-called Tax Rebate plan where a producer gets rebated 25% of all dollars they spend in our state. The rebate phase benefits ALL film productions be they originated in Hollywood or New Mexico. That is a good plan that works for all.
    The multi-million dollar interest-free loan phase needs to be stopped immediately! First is that it has been in existence for more than 4 years now and of the many millions of interest-free dollars that have been loaned have all gone to Hollywood companies. Not one dime has gone to a NM production company, and there are several here who are qualified filmmakers who could produce creditable projects but are ignored by the insiders in favor of their pals in Hollywood. It isn’t even necessary. They’d come for the 25% rebate, anyway! So, what’s the point?

  4. Some municipalities in Oregon have correctly held parents responsible for the crimes of their children. If it is the responsibilities of parents to provide values training for their children; then pass a law that makes them responsible for the crimes of their children.

    The parents, after being convicted, would be required to convert a room in their home into a bank vault like cell similar to a medi-cottage that would be monitored remotely by Justice officials. They could then provide the food and training to their incarcerated child.

    There would be no recidivism. The children would be rehabilitated and the state would no longer bear the costs of imprisonment.

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