Helping Poor Kids Get a Good Education

Kudos to Rio Grande Foundation’s Tim Walsh. Tim is running 50 miles (yes, 50 miles!) Saturday to raise money for Educate New Mexico scholarships. The Albuquerque Journal provides good coverage today (subscription). Excerpts:
“Walsh says combining his passion for running with his passion for school choice is natural for him. He says that’s how he came up with the idea of a “donor challenge” to help raise money for additional scholarships for Educate New Mexico.
Donors can pledge from $1 a mile to $20 a mile through Educate New Mexico’s Web site:”
As I pointed out earlier, since contributions are tax deductible, a donor who contributes $1,000 ($20 per mile for Tim’s run) will be able to put $1,500 into scholarships at a cost to him or her of only $679 net-of-taxes!
Readers, please help. We really do have some school choice in New Mexico.