Helping the Poor

E.J. Dionne had a recent column in which he outlined the findings from a new left-wing report outlining ways in which lawmakers can help the poor. As is so often the case, many of Dionne’s assumptions are way off base. First and foremost, he assumes that because inequality of incomes is greater that the poor are “falling behind,” when in reality we are actually much better off now than we were 20, 30, or 50 years ago.
Then, Dionne outlines several “reforms” like raising the minimum wage, increasing unionization, and helping 16-24 year olds get to work. Perhaps they would get to work if minimum wages didn’t prevent them from doing so, but the more likely culprit is our inadequate education system.
Anyway, the Rio Grande Foundation has its own ideas about how to reduce poverty; needless to say, they are quite different from Dionne’s.