5 Replies to “Here are the states with zero income tax”

  1. There are two taboo political topics which are NEVER discussed by the main stream media in NM. The first is the fact that the state has had 90+ years of single party Dem rule in the state legislature and the state court system (a little less in the governor’s office). The second is that there is even the possibility of any connection between 90 years of single party Dem rule and the myriad problems that the state has. I’ve tried unsuccessfully for years to publish guest editorials on the subject with no success.

  2. That is because so few of the people here are educated and those who come here to make a difference are seen as intruders. This is mostly a Mexican state and if you look below on any map one can see just south of us is Mexico ( where an awful lot of New Mexicans come from) and if they had what it takes to be leaders they would have never needed to come here in the first place. Mexico and it’s economic development says it all and we inherited it all!

  3. Will see no change as long as the residents elect democrats. We need real industry to employ the population.

  4. This is what happens when you have more people riding in the cart than pulling it. If we want to change the dynamics of NM ask any candidate what government jobs they will eliminate if elected.

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