HHS Audit Finds Security Weaknesses in New Mexico’s Obamacare Exchange

According to a recent article published by National Review Online, a federal audit has found information-technology security weaknesses at New Mexico’s health-insurance exchange.

According to the report:

The final audit report was completed by June 17, 2014, but because it contains such specific information about vulnerabilities, it is not public, according to a letter sent from the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Inspector General (DHHS OIG) to the health exchange.

Needless to say, there are still some very significant issues with ObamaCare in New Mexico and around the nation.

In response to the NRO story, Dr. Deane Waldman who holds positions both on the Health Exchange Board and the Rio Grande Foundation, said:

The NM Health Exchange, in conjunction with federal oversight, was beta-testing, de-bugging if you will, our preliminary system for the individual market.

WE found the security problem and fixed it, before implementing our individual market, unlike healthcare.gov. Further, since we could not finish all the beta-testing in time for the federal deadline, WE chose to put off opening our Individual Market for a year until we completely de-bugged the system and proved (with evidence not promises or magical thinking) that it works, again unlike healthcare.gov.

You might find it interesting that WE take the federal deadline seriously, while they keep deferring them, “moving the goalposts” as it were.