High School Students: Free summer seminar on US Constitution

The Rio Grande Foundation, New Mexico’s free market think tank, is pleased to alert New Mexico high school students to the following opportunity:

The Bill of Rights Institute is pleased to offer 1 FULL scholarships (a $3,000 value) for a New Mexico student to attend the Constitutional Academy this summer. This premier program for high school students to study the Constitution will be held in Washington, D.C. July 24-31.

The 6-week program, with 5 weeks of reading (Federalist papers, Founding documents) and online discussions and then 1 week in Washington, D.C. explores the Founding principles of limited government, freedom of religion, and economic liberty. While in D.C. students will explore the Capitol, Supreme Court, Mount Vernon, the Archives, and other sites while in D.C. and have reading discussions with college professors. For more information please visit their website or contact Laura Vlk at (703) 894-1776, ext. 31.

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