High Speed Pork

Robert Samuelson has a great piece in today’s Washington Post on President Obama’s misguided efforts to create a national high-speed rail network.

Samuelson notes, quite rightly, that high speed rail will be tremendously costly, will not reduce traffic congestion, and will serve a tiny, preferred minority group of passengers. Randal O’Toole said many of the same things during his visit to New Mexico (and in a policy brief), just as we at the Rio Grande Foundation said about the Rail Runner.

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  1. Robert Samuelson could not be more wrong. Up to 400 miles Amtrak coach is less costly and more oil conservative than air travel. California voters voted for High Speed Rail, not President Obama. Only two High Speed Rail systems are budgeted not 13. One in California and one in Florida. The other 11 lines are just Amtrak upgrades to 110 miles per hour.
    A Penn State study some time ago found that between 175 and 200 miles rail travel is preferred over both highway and air if the service is good. We need to save oil. Amtrak will do it.
    Amtrak ridership has never been higher than in FY 2010. The
    Highway Trust Fund is broke, zero. Ed Tennyson, PE

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