Hilarious Sense of Entitlement at Huffington Post

I don’t normally spend time talking about the national blog scene or the left-wingers at the Huffington Post, but this story caught my attention.  The left-wing website is being sued by its unpaid bloggers. Let that sink in for a moment. A group of BLOGGERS is suing the now-AOL owned company. They even claim to have union representation through New York Chapter of the National Writers’ Union (UAW 1981).

This is already funny. How full of yourself as a blogger do you have to be to believe that your unsolicited postings on a website ENTITLE you to income?

Of course, this couldn’t happen to a more appropriate website — one that has done yeoman’s work to foster the sense of entitlement shared by its bloggers. So, the site that at once claims that the minimum wage is “a disgrace and a scandal” and that the minimum wage “increases and promotes jobs,” won’t pay the people who provide much of its content a dime. According to their “logic,” paying a minimum wage to the site’s bloggers would increase revenue and profits, right?

Funny stuff indeed. I won’t waste more typing on this silly site, but I eagerly await an outcome.

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2 Replies to “Hilarious Sense of Entitlement at Huffington Post”

  1. Do anyone think HuffPo will cash out? Might need some agreement rundown I think but do incentives hurt them that much compared to what these all bloggers did to aid their success?

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