Hobby Lobby Voluntarily Raises its “Minimum Wage”

With Bernalillo County poised to raise its government-mandated minimum wage, I thought this story about Hobby Lobby  raising its starting wage for full-time workers to $14/hour and for part-time workers to $9.50/hour was very interesting. Why would an avowedly “conservative” company that has sued the Obama Administration over its “ObamaCare” health care law voluntarily raise its minimum wage? After all, aren’t these people cruel capitalists hoping for nothing more than to squeeze another dime out of its hapless employees?

Well, I can’t speak to the hearts of the folks at Hobby Lobby, but I can say that paying competitive wages can be good business. Henry Ford knew this 100 years ago and any worker today who earns more than the government-mandated wage can thank the basic economic law of supply and demand, their work ethic, and competency (not politicians) for their increased wage rate.

So, kudos to Hobby Lobby for being a successful business. If you are concerned about the minimum wage hike proposed for Bernalillo County, check out this petition and attend the County Commission hearing on Tuesday the 23rd to speak out against this misguided proposal.




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