Hollywood Needs to Get a Clue

As we rapidly approach June 23rd, the one year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Kelo decision, this story made me pause and think about just how out of touch most Hollywood elites are with the rest of Americans.
Where was Hannah when Susette Kelo and her neighbors when they were evicted by the city of New London recently? How about a little righteous outrage over the fact that any of us can now have our homes taken away from us for any reason, by some government bureacrat?
No, instead, we have actress Daryl Hannah sitting in a tree to stop the owner of the land on which an urban garden has been located. Worse, Hannah and her cadre of anti-property rights activists are only making it less likely that land owners will allow others to use their land on a temporary basis because when the time comes that they do need it back, the property owner is in for nothing but ingratitude and trouble.
Paul Gessing