Holtec Facility approved in Southeast New Mexico

According to a press release sent out today from Holtec International, the company has received approval from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to build and operate the company’s planned interim storage facility on the land provided by the Eddy Lea Energy Alliance (ELEA).

The project has the ability to allow Southeast New Mexico to diversify its economy, generate some 400 jobs, infusing ~$3 billion investment in the area. It will also put the nation on a better path forward when it comes to future deployment of nuclear power throughout the nation, an absolute MUST if the United States is serious about reducing CO2 emissions while maintaining consistent electricity generation at an affordable price.

The decision is also a rebuke to left-wing New Mexico Democrats including Gov. Lujan Grisham, Sens. Heinrich and Lujan and Rep. Stansbury, who all opposed Holtec’s plans, despite professing their “green” credentials  (while the facility drew support from the local community).

NRC issues final EIS on New Mexico used fuel facility : Waste & Recycling -  World Nuclear News