Homemade food freedom a bipartisan 2021 “win” for Rio Grande Foundation

The Rio Grande Foundation and our friends at the Institute for Justice along with what ended up being a bipartisan win for “food freedom” in New Mexico. The issue is discussed at length in an Albuquerque Journal opinion piece authored by a bipartisan group of legislators after the Gov. signed the bill.

RGF sent various alerts throughout the session as well as asking supporters to send notes to the Gov. asking her to sign the bill.

As the op-ed writers note:

Although 49 states allow the sale of foods made in a home kitchen, New Mexico has had one of the strictest laws in the country. It is illegal to even sell homemade cookies to your neighbor. Instead, home bakers can sell only at farmers’ markets. And before a home baker can sell her cookies at the market, she needs to get a permit from the state that requires a stack of paperwork and can require thousands of dollars in kitchen upgrades. Making matters worse, Albuquerque bans the sale of homemade foods completely – one of the only cities in the nation to do so.

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