Horowitz’s Inconvenient Truth

David Horowitz isn’t for everyone. But the neoconservative provocateur spoke an unquestionable truth during a recent address at NMSU. As reported by the Las Cruces Sun-News, he claimed that “the university is a ‘one-party’ state,” sharing, with other American campuses, a “lack of political diversity.”

No kidding. Last week Errors of Enchantment noted the Medicaid myth-perpetuation of UNM’s Kelly O’Donnell. But other examples are easy to find. After the presidential election, Andrea L. Mays, a UNM “lecturer,” whined that “women and people of color are again politically expendable to restore the social and economic power of white men.” NMSU economist Christopher Erickson has argued, inaccurately, that there is no strong evidence for the economic-development value of a right-to-work law. And UMN’s Bureau of Business & Economic Research is a reliable mouthpiece for the state’s Big Government status quo.

The bias extends to commencement speakers. On Saturday, Santa Fe Community College grads will hear from Cindy Nava, a Democratic Party activist. For a glimpse at her thinking, check out “18 Amazing Women Fighting for Latinas Everyday,” her cloying valentine to Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and other “courageous women leaders” who are “devoted to unifying and empowering Latinas throughout this nation.”

It’s time for this nonsense to stop. No, we’re not advocating censorship. Scholars (and pseudo-scholars) have the right to write and say whatever they please. The issue is balance. Taxpayers annually fork over an enormous sum to the state’s system of higher education. They, the students whose expenses they subsidize, the media, and elected officials need to hear from all perspectives — anarcho-capitalist, libertarian, paleoconservative, neoconservative, centrist, liberal, socialist, and yes, even communist.

Got an example of a left-wing professor blathering on about “social justice” or “income inequality” in your corner of the Land of Enchantment? Heard about a liberal giving a commencement address? Let us know. We can’t stop the bias immediately. But we can document the one-sided ideology infecting the state’s government colleges and universities, and spread the word that New Mexico deserves better.