House Republicans Make Obama Look Fiscally-Responsible

The House, with only Republican support (including New Mexico Rep. Pearce), passed a terrible farm bill of which Heritage Foundation had this to say:

When a bill makes Obama look fiscally responsible, it’s a financial fiasco. When the process would trample on open and representative government, it’s an insult to American citizens.

Virtually every pro-free market organization opposed this legislation which is both a policy and a political debacle including the R Street Project and Competitive Enterprise Institute.

In my opinion, agriculture subsidies are among the most economically-harmful dollars spent by the federal government because they are the “low-hanging-fruit” of deficit reduction. Now, we have Republicans giving Obama a golden chance to look like a fiscal conservative by opposing this legislation. Farmers in New Mexico and around the nation need to be taken off welfare just as the food stamp program needs to be dramatically reformed to root out significant fraud and waste.