How About Postal Competition? (might work in health care too)

Remember when President Obama said his health care proposal was going to be like the Post Office?

Well, Tad DeHaven over at Cato’s blog makes a point that the Post Office monopoly is raising rates and considering cutting service at a time when its business is in a tailspin. This is not how things would work in the private sector — a private sector, he adds that is increasingly being allowed to compete in the postal marketplace worldwide.

Interestingly, the issue has direct parallels to health care as Obama states. His plan is all about attempting to reduce competition and further place health care under government control. That will inevitably make the incentives of our health care system look more like the Postal Service with rising costs and “rationed” service, but it will be government bureaucrats in charge of a dying monopoly, not individuals in charge of the rationing.