How many students were enrolled in public school after 40 days? New Mexico PED won’t say.

How many students were enrolled in New Mexico’s public education system after the first 40 days of the 2020-2021 school year? That is a critical number for determining funding for New Mexico’s public school funding. Also, in the midst of dramatic changes due to the COVID 19 pandemic, this information is especially relevant for understanding how families are reacting to “virtual” and “hybrid” learning policies that are being imposed statewide.

Schools completed the 40 day threshhold back in mid/early October, but, when RGF requested the information from the Public Education Department we received the following letter which basically said, “wait until mid-December.”

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4 Replies to “How many students were enrolled in public school after 40 days? New Mexico PED won’t say.”

  1. Yet another inaccurate blog. They didn’t refuse to say they said they weren’t available at this time. They said they will be available in December and so to submit another request at that time. Thanks

    1. Tom, I am unclear on what you are saying. This is data produced by districts after 40 days (on our about October 12). They HAVE the data, but they won’t give it to us. How are we portraying this inaccurately?

      1. Please re-read the letter more carefully instead of jumping to false conclusions. It says “The 2020 enrollment numbers are not available at this time. We anticipate that they will be finalized the
        beginning of December. Because there are no responsive documents, I am closing this IPRA with this letter.
        Please send another IPRA request for this information after December 15, 2020.” I suggest you do as the PED says. Thanks

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