How Money Walks Luncheon Presentation – Albuquerque

Join the Rio Grande Foundation at this Albuquerque luncheon event on November 21st featuring Travis H. Brown, author of the book How Money Walks.

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travis_brown_how_money_walks_bookAbout the book:

Between 1995 and 2010, millions of Americans moved between the states, taking with them more $2 trillion in adjusted gross incomes. Two trillion dollars is equivalent to the GDP of California, the ninth largest in the world. It’s a lot of money. Some states, such as Florida, saw tremendous gains ($86.4 billion), while others, like New York, endured massive losses ($58.6 billion). People moved, and they took their working wealth with them. The question is, why? Why did Americans move so much of their income from state to state? Which states benefited, and which states suffered? And why does it matter?

About the author:

travis_h_brownHow Money Walks author Travis H. Brown is a Missouri-based entrepreneur with a passion for helping cities and states grow via smart tax policies. He's a frequent contributor to and has appeared on various radio and television broadcasts such as Fox Business Network, CNBC,, the American Entrepreneur, and CSPAN. As a state lobbyist who has advocated across 25 states over the last 20 years, his unique experience led his firm, Pelopidas, LLC to find a way to share how working wealth was moving nationwide.

Tackling tough issues that often miss their moment is a source of pride in Brown's issue-based work. Civic leaders such as the late Lamar Hunt, then the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs Football Club, hired his firm to pursue funding solutions for restoring Arrowhead Stadium. Medical doctors across the fields of anesthesia, cardiology, and orthopedic medicine have worked with his team to improve patient safety and tort reform laws. Over the last several years, Brown has applied his attention to increasing tax policy awareness through the passage of several statewide ballot initiatives related to earnings taxes and city governance. Brown now serves as president of Let Voters Decide, a coalition that supports state tax reform and the protection of voters' rights at the ballot box.

Brown's career advising governors, chief executives, legislatures, mayors, and venture philanthropists got started by lobbying for his alma mater, the University of Missouri-Columbia. His undergraduate degrees were in agricultural economics and political science from Mizzou, with an MBA from Washington University in Saint Louis. His corporate work in sales, marketing, and government affairs has included such companies or clients as the American Home Products Corporation, the Monsanto Company, the Oracle Corporation, the American Petroleum Institute, and Procter & Gamble.

By bush flying America to spread the results about where our growth is going, Brown hopes to inspire new small business champions, non-profit charities, and community leaders to prepare their regions for our highly-mobile age. Brown remains a serial small business owner at heart with his wife and co-owner Rachel, but applies his passions for flying, bird hunting, sports, and wine collecting every chance that he gets.

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