How will the State enforce Lujan Grisham’s EV mandates?

With the Environmental Improvement Board starting to hold meetings over plans to force New Mexicans to buy electric vehicles (and regulations already in place to buy smaller numbers of EV’s starting next year) we figured it was worth looking at how these regulations will work. The simple answer is that car dealers have the most to lose as currently written.

So, we asked our friend Todd Myers who works on environmental policy in Washington State which is also foisting such regulations (all based on California’s) on its citizens. The answer is that the system will largely work as a “cap and trade” mechanism.

According to Myers, “When dealers sell EVs (or PHEVs) they generate credits. Those credits count toward their sales targets. Dealers who have more credits can sell them to those who need them. It is just another cap-and-trade system.”

For dealers who cannot make up the difference, they pay a penalty of 4 times the value of a ZEV credit.

Interestingly, the law applies to dealers and not to vehicle registrations. So, if someone went to El Paso to buy a gas-powered vehicle, they could bring it back to the state and register it (at least until the politicians decide to tie vehicle registrations to being electric.”

Here is the whole rule: 1962.4 ZEV Standards 2026+ (

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12 Replies to “How will the State enforce Lujan Grisham’s EV mandates?”

  1. When the assign jackasses will pay for my worthless ev then maybe just maybe I will let them. Until then they can make all the illegal attempts to force it to no end

  2. If Governor Luhan of New Mexico wants us to purchase electric vehicles she needs to raise social security up oh let’s see a hundred thousand dollars a year and everybody else and all the poor people here in New Mexico. She might be able to purchase one of those vehicles but we the middle class can barely afford putting food on our table less alone wearing so much about getting electric car that cost any wears from 60 to 100,000. Now how does she expect us to afford a electric car when our social security is so low that we can barely put food and pay our utilities. So what are you going to do Governor lujan to lower these electric vehicles down to 20 $30,000 and are you going to replace those batteries as well and are you going to put all these battery stations that we don’t have in New Mexico not here anyways. Those batteries cost close to $10,000 just to put a battery in your vehicle by the way are you going to put the electric plugs into our garage for free as well. You are so full of it. You are just trying to be a follower instead of leading the state and getting it where the poor is not poor anymore. I believe we are maybe the 5th poorest state in the United States maybe the 10th shame on you go bat your eyelashes to the Communist socialist that you follow you don’t leave New Mexico not even during covid. Oh I wonder who that socialist person is Soros… He’s not wanted in his own country so he’s over here trying to destroy ours I know what you’re working for you’re trying to be a senator I sure will not vote for you you didn’t get up there with biden’s help boo hoo hoo

    1. You can actually buy a Bolt Lt 1 for about $20,000 after the federal tax credit (and $11,000 used), but you likely have to go out of state because the dealers here don’t carry many electric cars. Just in the last month, two of my friends have had to go to Texas and Colorado to test drive and buy EVs. All of the surrounding states, even Oklahoma, have more EV ownership per capita than New Mexico does-their populations have a greater pull. Personally I’d like to have greater consumer choice here, and I’d like to see New Mexicans spending their money instate, not out.
      By the way, the Bolt comes with a free charger and free installation right now. And if you’re not getting a Bolt there are lots of tax credits and rebates from electricity providers available that cover most if not all the cost.
      I’ve had an EV for 5 years. On PNM’s EV time of use charging plan it costs me about $5 to fully charge in my garage for a 300 mile trip. The only maintenance I’ve done in 5 years is new tires and replace the windshield. You do have a point that batteries are expensive to replace if you had to. Battery warranties are at least 8 years/100,000 miles. But battery technology is improving and unlike cell phone and laptop batteries, EV batteries are thermally managed (liquid or air cooled) so they last a lot longer, and at the end of the car’s life, they are being repurposed as storage for the grid. See for example: I’ve travelled cross country and across the state with little difficulty, but the recent announcement of fast chargers every 50 miles on major NM highways and the addition of many others on rural roads will make travel even easier. When you’re traveling longer distances most stops at these fast chargers give you enough time to grab a snack and then you’re on your way again.
      Technological change is hard and rarely smooth. But after driving an EV for 5 years, I will never go back to gas. The mind-blowing acceleration and performance of an EV is hard to beat. So are the low fuel and maintenance costs. Bloomberg says EVs will have cost parity with gas cars in 2025. With instant transferrable federal tax credits at the dealership next year coupled with possible state EV credits and PNM’s proposed $4,000 EV rebate for low-income families that new Bolt could be a steal. But you might have to travel to Texas to get it.

    2. We are the SECOND poorest state in the Union. Right behind Mississippi. And our education system ranks DEAD LAST. That way they keep us as stupid as possible so future Communists too, have a chance to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world!

  3. Dear Governor lujan. I understand you want every person that can drive to purchase a electric vehicle. Now have you planned out how we’re going to do this. The poor and middle class can just barely put food on their table and pay their utility bills. Yet you want us to purchase a electric vehicle that cost 60 to 100,000 or more and we do not even have electric charging areas in our state let’s say not all over our state. Oh maybe you can talk to Congress about raising our social security up to maybe let’s say about 60 to 70,000 a year. We might be able to buy a little golf club cart this state is so poor and yet you want to push California’s ways on us. They make a lot of money there and when they do sell their homes they can sell them for a million or more and some of them are not even nice. We are not California we are not New York City our wages are lower here maybe not yours and I would just say at this point shame on you. How much is George Soros paying you to put this hurt on your state. I believe you are cuckoo in your cabeza. Here we are about the 10th lowest poorest state in the United States. Those that are wealthy I am happy they are able to buy electric vehicles but not all of us are wealthy. The socialist and communist people that wants to push our country into poverty even worse than it is are people like George Soros that was kicked out of his own country and came to ours trying to run it and giving money to governors and general attorneys I just can’t believe our country has ended up this way. Just note I am not the only person at this time unhappy about what’s going on in our state but for you to make us by electric cars we will be walking and riding horses and wagons and there is going to be crap all over your roads because people cannot afford these electric vehicles. You need to find a way to lower the cost and also if that battery runs bad guaranteeing that everyone will get a new battery for their vehicles cuz they just cost about $10,000. Oh by the way in real bad snow storms you can’t get around in a electric car so how are people going to get to work. Oh oh by the way if you have not recently heard our country is going into a recession if something isn’t done in Congress so that’s where we really need to work hard it’s getting our country out of debt so people can afford to eat thank you

  4. She has literally lost her mind. She needs to stop hanging with Policy because New be Mexico is a totally different state than California. I’m sure she is trying to make a name for herself but has destroyed NM business with her Covid mandates. I despise her dictatorship and socialism. Wake up NM she needs to IMPEACHD

    1. Actually, Californians are invading our state and MANY others, like Texas faster than most people realize. Voting for Socialist policies and “thinking” with their hearts have destroyed their once great state. None of them equate their moronic voting records to the world of $#!π the state has become. NM is already blue, and in a few short years, Texas will be too, then the entire country. We have lost this fight before everyone but us “conspiracy theorist” even knew their was a fight.

  5. Governor you are a public servant.
    I’m going to put it this way!


    1. While I appreciate your service, the reality is, you served this country to enrich greedy politicians. Everyone that has served,pretty much since our inception, has served to enrich these evil b@$+@rds. They don’t care how many of our children they send to the meat grinder, as long as they sell that military hardware. I used to be very pro military until I woke up to the fact that “fighting Communism” is complete BS. We lost the war in Vietnam, yet less than 50 years later, we buy their products, vacation in their country and basically spit on the graves of the 60,000+ soldiers that were lost there. And how exactly did Vietnam falling to Communism effect our lives here in the US? Other than the 60k+ American lives lost and the pocket books of evil politicians getting fatter, nothing, nothing at all!

  6. Governor, I don’t know about the Northern part of our state, but in the southern part, we can’t afford electric vehicles. You are trying to make us poorer than we are. I can’t afford my utilities or my medications. I guess you want the average person in New Mexico dead.

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