I will not comply…

As I noted recently, the nature of the health care debate has declined dramatically in recent months. Once Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts, the intellectual debate ended. The Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats shifted their thinking away from persuading the American people to looking for loopholes that would allow them to pass their plans “by any means possible.”

That is why this recent column from my colleague John Hood at our sister think tank in North Carolina, the John Locke Foundation is so refreshing. Hood, like me, has clearly had enough with debating the shape-shifting, nation-bankrupting plan that will likely be voted on in the House this weekend. Instead, he’s calling for civil disobedience as the only moral reaction to this Constitutionally-bankrupted debacle.

I for one see no other alternative and would be happy to join Mr. Hood in taking this last stand for freedom.

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7 Replies to “I will not comply…”

  1. Debating issues is such an antiquated concept. I suggest you get a gun and shoot-to-kill everyone you disagree with. Don’t worry, if your white you won’t be called a terrorist in the media.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I’m afraid that we are about to return to 1918 Russia. It is my firm conviction that Comrade Obama has no intention of allowing an election in November to interrupt his intended coup.

    Count me in.

    505 565-2154

  3. Mr. Gessing and Mr. Hood,
    I have read your words for some time, and have recently received your article and addendum “I will not comply…” with mixed emotions. I have been working long hours over the past year(+) to educate and encourage others to call, and debate and let their voices be heard in defense of the traditional individual liberties and rule of law as strictly delineated in the Constitution. Some have joined and many have called, but I fear it has been too little, or simply side-stepped. If we will not be the home of the brave, then we will cease to be the land of the free. If we cannot risk loss of time at work or inconvenience during our weekend, if the final Four is more interesting to us than the FINAL STAND for OUR CONSTITUTION, then those with other agendas that have the upper hand will prevail.
    I have often debated with some who feel passionately that something more physical is inevitable, and I have said that I work so hard “within the rules” to avoid that more harsh path. I fear now, that the day is coming, though I lay awake at night praying that it does not, when men and women will be asked to stand shoulder to shoulder in opposition to our government and at the same time in mortal defense of our Constitution. I have begun to harden my soul for such a day, as my heart breaks for the peaceful homeland of America I was raised to love and have sworn to serve. Gentlemen, to this cause; upholding the Constitution of the United States of America, the limited government and individual liberties embodied within it, I pledge my time, my reputation, my possessions, and my future.

  4. I had not seen Mr. Gessing’s post, but by coincidence on Friday morning, March 19, I called for non-violent civil disobedience at the weekly Republican breakfast forum at the Golden Corral. We are with you Mr. Gessing.

    Tea Party folks need to prepare for the next stage of this battle – large scale passive resistance and non-violent civil disobedience.

  5. Civil Disobedience. Protesting. Marching. Phoning. Emailing.

    Everyone wants to protest without it costing anything, with risking anything. The Founders pledged the their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

    Stop paying the damned income tax and their system falls by the wayside. But that involves the work of understanding the tax code and making a stand that could actually cost you something.

    Their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor…

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