Important ABQ Journal editorial/opinion piece take on MLG’s EV overreach

Alan LaSeck of the New Mexico Apartments Association penned an excellent opinion piece in the ABQ Journal detailing how the Gov.’s proposed commercial development EV charger mandate will make Albuquerque’s housing crisis even worse than it currently is.

In addition the editorial board weighed in with an excellent editorial further highlighting the issue. New apartments, hotels, motels, vacation timeshare properties, monasteries, and dormitories would be required to install EV chargers for 20% of their parking spaces. In addition, 50% of parking spots would have to have the infrastructure to be EV capable, and 5% would have to be EV ready. No hearings have been scheduled so far regarding this regulation.

On the issue of EV’s, the New Mexico Environment Department and the city of Albuquerque will host an in-person meeting about the Governor’s proposed rules from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Oct. 16 in the Community Meeting Room at the International District Library, 7601 Central Ave NE. Those concerned about unfunded mandates and so-called “Environmental Justice Vehicle Values” should attend or send written comments to:

And, as usual cartoonist John Trever has a great commentary: