Important bills that failed in New Mexico’s 2021 60-day Session (bad and good)

Bad Bills that failed:

SB 149 Ban fracking;

SB 66 Would have limited credit options for low-income New Mexicans;

SB 11 So-called “Clean Fuel Standard” would mandate use of “alternative fuels” in vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions;

SB 130 Would require 75% of state vehicles be electric;

HB 206 provide two-tiered utility pricing for “poor”;

SJR 3 “Green” Constitutional Amendment;

Several bills to restrict gun rights;

HB 236 Sets up a bank to be run by the State of New Mexico;

SB 168 5 cents/gallon gas tax hike;

HB 110 $15/hour minimum wage;

Good bills that failed

Several bills to reduce/eliminate Social Security taxes;

Various bills/amendments to restrict a Gov.’s power in “emergency”;

HB 12 Marijuana legalization;

HJR 7 and HJR 11 would have granted school choice to New Mexico families

Other bills that failed

SB 155 Amend Energy Transition Act