In New Mexico, Where Is Freedom’s Most Fertile Soil? (Part I)

The Rio Grande Foundation’s Freedom Index tracks each legislator’s support for or opposition to free markets and limited government. But what about geography? The delegations from which part of New Mexico support liberty, opportunity, and prosperity the most?

We looked at six regions: North, East, South, West, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. With an average score of +17.0, senators from the East posted the best performance in 2015. At -2.1, metro Santa Fe ranked worst. For perspective, the senator with the highest score in the state was Lee Cotter (R-Las Cruces), at +51. The lowest performer was the now-out-of-office Phil Griego (D-San Jose), at -18.



Tomorrow we’ll look at the House delegations.

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2 Replies to “In New Mexico, Where Is Freedom’s Most Fertile Soil? (Part I)”

  1. I’m sure many of us would like to see geographical demarcations of the areas noted. For instance, where does “West” begin? Did Rio Rancho help Albuquerque or “the West”? Or Sandoval County? Or Torrance County to “the East”?

    I’ll trade you a brand new box of Crayolas for such a map.

    And direct links to Part 1 and Part 2? The titles for Senate and House seem to conflict (probably just editing).

    I’ll save my hostilities against WordPress and how it loses your work causing you to start over again. Tirade retread. Or recycled.

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