Independent Forum: Improving New Mexico Education

This week over at the “Independent Forum” over at the New Mexico Independent, panelists were asked to discuss ways to improve K-12 education in New Mexico. Check out my response and the responses of others here.

Interesting to see a lack of responses this week, particularly from AFSCME’s Carter Bundy? Perhaps he doesn’t have his marching orders from his friends at the teachers’ unions yet and doesn’t want to get his government labor union crossways with the teachers? Or, maybe government employee unions like his don’t really care if statewide graduation rates are much better than 50%?

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One Reply to “Independent Forum: Improving New Mexico Education”

  1. Several years ago when John Stossel was still with ABC, he had a report entitled “Stupid in America,” which exposed the deplorable condition of American K – 12 public education. The solution? Follow the European model of letting the public funds follow the student to public or private school. It has created real competition in Europe and would do the same in America.

    Don’t hold your breath expecting it to happen here. The teachers’ unions are simply too powerful.

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