Inflation is not the answer

If the answer is to increase inflation, you’re probably asking the wrong question. That is my opinion and it is also the opinion of syndicated economist Robert Samuelson. One of the curious points here, however, is that I believe that we are already having inflation because inflation simply means an increase in the money supply.

Samuelson implies in his article that he means the actual increase of prices that usually results from inflation. Of course, with our current weak economy, the prices of many goods is not increasing, thus leading some to believe that inflation is not happening.

The “fact” that prices are not increasing according to the government data has led some to argue that inflation would be a good thing. True, rising prices would be a sign that the economy is growing, but it would be a result of growth. Inflating the money supply has certainly not led to economic growth.

In other words, while I quibble with Samuelson about definitions, he is basically correct. Inflation is not going to help the economy.