Informed New Mexicans see 2014 as another poor year for economy: Is the economy Martinez’s achilles heel?

I recently wrote a column on the need for both leadership from policymakers when it comes to the economy and how the economy should be a top issue for elected officials regardless of party. Interestingly, Albuquerque Business First did an online survey of their readers to find out what we can expect in terms of our State’s economic performance during 2014. The results are not pretty and further lead me to believe that the economy must take center stage.

According to the non-scientific survey (however, I’d expect readers to be better-informed than average), approximately 50% believe the New Mexico economy will be “POOR,” 32% say “FAIR,” 13% say “GOOD,” and a mere 4% say “EXCELLENT.”

Of political interest is the comments section in which prominent Democrat and Martinez’s 2010 opponent, Diane Denish, slams the Gov. for the economic situation. Other readers are not so quick to blame Martinez, but the comment seems to indicate a primary line of attack during the next election.

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