Is Colorado sliding south to New Mexico?

I have heard rumors that nearly to 50 percent of Coloradoans believe in the tooth fairy. On November 1st they may overturn their state’s constitutional limits on taxing and spending via referenda C and D (mail in balloting has already begun). They believe that increased real, per capita spending will improve health care and education. Never mind that the constitutional limits have brought unprecedented prosperity to Colorado. All levels of government have had to make hard choices about the effectiveness of their spending.
Wishful thinking Coloradoans ought to visit New Mexico where the tooth fairy has been exposed as a fraud. Colorado is the envy of New Mexicans. If only we could get the government off of our backs as they have done in Colorado!
Those Coloradoans who really truly believe in the tooth fairy should move to New Mexico where we are last in everything good and first in everything bad. Why coerce other Coloradoans into accepting your wishful thinking?