Is MLG “green” enough?

Michelle Lujan Grisham is among the most radically-“green” governors in the United States (certainly as radical as anyone not on the West Coast).

But ideologically-driven pseudo-news outlets like Searchlight New Mexico want to push the Gov. even further to the left. Thus, we get stories like “How Green is New Mexico’s Governor?” Spoiler alert, she’s not as “green” as her most radical environmental interest group supporters in New Mexico would like her to be.

This is nothing new. These well-funded left-wing groups either explicitly or intuitively understand the “Overton Window.” While they wish to move the “window” to complete socialism and energy poverty, we at the Rio Grande Foundation along with some other like-minded groups both in and outside of industry are working to move the “window” in the opposite direction toward more freedom and reasonable regulations that do not hinder energy production and prosperity.

As is clearly evidenced by the article, Searchlight is first and foremost an ideological organization, not a journalistic one (much of the media are sadly ideology-first). They don’t consider both sides’ views on the Gov. and the pros and cons of her environmental policies. They are pushing the window in one direction only. Traditionally that was the purview of think tanks and grassroots organizations, but not any more.

What is really holding MLG back from being as “green” as her radical base would like? Simple reality. Oil and gas are the economic lifeblood of New Mexico which is already one of the poorest states in the union. Absent the oil and gas industry (or a massive shift toward free market policies) we would be the very poorest state.