Is the Democratic Party tent shrinking?

I always thought that the Chairman of any major political party was to encourage the election of candidates of that Party and to encourage the general population to sign on to that Party’s ideals. I also thought the Democratic Party was the “big tent” party which prided itself on diversity and openness. Perhaps that’s changing at least when it comes to fiscal responsibility thanks to Democratic Party Chairman Sam Bregman?

In one recent interview with KRQE Channel 13, Bregman called out relatively fiscally-conservative Sen. John-Arthur Smith and told him that he should get in line behind liberals’ big-spending proposals to tap the Permanent Fund or get out of the Party.

In this interview conducted separately with Albuquerque Biz First, Bregman argues that legislators should pass a $10/hour minimum wage for New Mexico which would give the state the highest minimum wage in the nation. He also claims that no businesses have closed because of the higher wage already imposed. Apparently, Bregman missed this story detailing how several Albuquerque businesses were closing. And, just because the owner of a closing business doesn’t mention the minimum wage hike as a reason for closing, don’t believe that it’s not at least a partial reason. No one wants to be seen as having a case of “sour grapes.”

I’m not a Democrat and I don’t understand how someone could see what the left-wing economic policies imposed upon this state by decades of Democratic-Party rule have done to our economy and education system could support even more spending and bigger government. But, there are fiscally-conservative Democrats out there. After all, unlike Bregman, John-Arthur Smith has to stand for election every four years. Apparently, despite being charged with increasing the size and power of his Party, Bregman seems hell-bent on imposing purity tests on Democrats with the intent of getting rid of those who are insufficiently pro big-government. It’s an interesting strategy.

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