Is the end near for Eclipse?

It looks like the endgame may finally be near for Albuquerque-based Eclipse Aviation. According to KOB TV, Eclipse employees found out that they won’t be receiving paychecks from their past two weeks of work. With no money to pay employees, it would seem doubtful that the company can go on much longer — how long would you keep showing up for work if you weren’t being paid?
As Jim Scarantino has pointed out, if/when Eclipse goes under, taxpayers will be out $20 million. Nonetheless, I sincerely hope that Governor Richardson and our “economic development” gurus don’t decide to double-down on this taxpayer loss by bailing out the failing company.
While it is sad that so many people will likely lose their jobs and New Mexico’s economy will take another body blow, the lesson learned must be that government’s role in economic development should be to create an economically-viable and equitable tax structure rather than attempting to pick and choose “winners” of government largesse. Those “winners,” like Eclipse, often are engaged in risky businesses that would otherwise not attract private investment and when times are tough, they are unable to survive.
Perhaps Eclipse will pull through on its own. It would be great if it does. Unfortunately, it is not looking good right now.