It must (not be the money) at Albuquerque Public Schools…how about giving families the $$

Albuquerque Public Schools enrollment continues to plummet and, with COVID 19 this past year more families than ever are choosing to pay for private alternatives, home school their kids, or make the difficult and expensive decision to leave the District entirely.

While the District cries to the media about how much money they stand to lose due to all the students fleeing the District, thanks to federal stimuli, state budget largesse, AND those students leaving, the District will likely see per-pupil spending skyrocket in the next few years.

Already APS spent an astonishing $18,594 annually per student during the school year prior to the Pandemic (you can find APS’ 2019-2020 budget here). Below are charts pulled directly from the budget to illustrate the point: Divide the total budget $1,475,755,646 by the student population of 79,363 to get: $18,594 spent annually per student.

APS spends a lot of money for terrible results. It is getting even more money from state and federal sources in the years ahead. Sorry Nelly, It must (not) be about the money.