It’s 2016, and the Bill-Tracking Has Begun


For the third year in a row, the Foundation will be monitoring bills before the New Mexico Legislature.

Our system awards between -8 and +8 points for each bill’s adherence to the cause of liberty, opportunity, and prosperity in New Mexico.

Have a look at the early assessments. This will be a short session, but a number of significant bills have already been drafted, and there are many more to come.

Tracking a bill we need to know about? Have a opinion on a bill we’ve already scored? Email us and weigh in!

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4 Replies to “It’s 2016, and the Bill-Tracking Has Begun”

  1. I know that the subject of lottery scholarships, i.e. the shortfall in the fund to pay 100% of student tuition is going to come up and there will no doubt be a bill to supplement this fund with taxpayer money. This brings my blood to the boiling point. It is not taxpayer’s responsibility to pay for post k12 education and I DON’T WANT TO.
    The lottery scholarship is fine with me, but all the lottery money should be divided among the eligible students and divided equally. If the money on covers 90% of tuition costs, so be it. The student is responsible for the rest. It is a good thing for students to invest in their own future.
    I know the state legislature passed a small supplement last year and this is opening a Pandora’s box. Once you start any sort of government financing, it’s almost impossible to reverse it.

  2. Please track the 17 bills related to increasing the abysmal number of people incarcerated in our prisons. Are the proponents of these bills completely out of touch with the United States reputation as the world ‘s Gulag? We who represent 4% of the world population imprison 724 people per 100,000 while China with almost 19% of the total imprisons 118 per 100,000 and Russia, notorious for cruel punishment of its people with 2% of world population, incarcerates 581 per 100,000. These three countries house one-half of the world’s 9 million prisoners.

    Who sponsored the bills and why?

  3. Myself, my wife and over a dozen relatives have college degrees, with only one having had a small scholarship and a couple with minimal financial help from parents. I worked at 3 jobs, held ropings a few times each month and graduated in 4 years & made Who’s Who. IT CAN BE DONE.

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