It’s a wonderful life with capitalism

This is short, entertaining video showing just some of the miseries of a world without capitalism and free markets.

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5 Replies to “It’s a wonderful life with capitalism”

  1. Great Video, Paul,

    I recommend it as required viewing for all of those OCCUPY SANTA FE folks who protested during the GHG hearings I attended in Santa Fe last December 5th. Those louts were as ignorant as our video hero, protesting the ready availablility of inexpensive electrical energy. Electricity is essential for my writing this on my laptop, just as electricity is essential for Internet viewing.
    Bob Endlich

    1. There needs to be a mix of private and public.

      Also there is plenty of corruption with both private and public sectors.

  2. Excellent Video. A must share by every Liberty Evangelist. May I also recommend Free Market Revolution by Yaron Brook and Don Watkins.

    Dennis Schlessinger

  3. Oh God! LOL. I almost fell out of my chair laughing. I visited Petropavlosk, Russia, back in 1990 on a foreign exchange program in high school, right after the fall of the USSR. I lived with a doctor and his family for a month. The conditions in the video were basically the same as what I experienced living with them. One size fits all flats, very few consumer products, crappy auto that barely ran, no hot water (except by heating up buckets, one at a time), etc, etc…

    Thanks for the great video and spread it around. I know I will.

    1. Glad you liked it! As disappointed as we are with the current state of the economy, it makes one remember that compared with actual communism/socialism, life is pretty good. Of course, we also need to keep in mind that those “socialized” areas of our economy, the post office, government schools, and transportation systems, could be so much better.

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