Jeb Bush on Modernizing the Teaching Profession

While New Mexico got at best half a loaf on education reform this year, states like Florida are racing ahead on education reform. In this article, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush explains some of the latest ideas being implemented in Florida and other states and reiterates that ALL children can and must learn and our education systems must be able to help students regardless of background and poverty.

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2 Replies to “Jeb Bush on Modernizing the Teaching Profession”

  1. It seems to me that most thoughtful people who consider student performance agree with Jeb Bush that poverty, language and broken homes are obstacles in achieving an education. It would be helpful to know how good educators are able to overcome those obstacles. In Florida, do children in poverty and broken homes and with other disadvantages perform as well as children from secure homes and environments?

    1. Bill, good question. I’m not sure if all of those variables have been taken into account, but minority status and poverty are pretty good indicators of some of these issues and, as can be seen in our research on what Bush has done in Florida, these groups have seen major gains.

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