Jimmy Kimmel shows why free markets are superior to “democracy”

Why do conservatives and libertarians tend to support markets over “democracy?” The following video provides a strong justification for that view:

While the ignorance and willingness to just make stuff up on the part of these people may seem reprehensible to some, the reality is that it is a direct result of “rational ignorance.” That is, given their likely minimal impact on the outcome of a given election, most people don’t pay that close attention to the issues. That is why “democracy” is inherently flawed. Interestingly, I’d say the interviewees are likely voters because they cared enough to lie about having seen the debate. A truly ignorant person would flat-out say “what debate?” and not really care. These people were trying to put up a front of being “good citizens.”

Free markets, on the other hand, create incentives (financial ones being preeminent) for all parties to become informed. And, even if you don’t understand all of the inner workings of an automobile (as I don’t), it is relatively easy to pick up a copy of Consumer Reports and find out what the experts say or rely on the power of market forces that kill off inferior products while boosting superior ones.