Jobs??? We don’t need no steenking jobs…

So says the Doña Ana County Commission. A Texas-based company undoubtedly received a rude awakening despite the challenging economy when they attempted to open a meat processing plant that would have created 55 jobs near Berino and Anthony. And we wonder why New Mexico’s economic situation — not very good in the first placecontinues to deteriorate?

County Commissioner Dolores Salda a-Caviness (as quoted in this story), who voted against the proposal, said she supports “sound, clean economic development and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“However, I don’t think my threshold has been met,” she said. “I don’t think this is the time or place for the Berino area.” My question for Salda a-Caviness is, “what resources do you have at stake here? What gives you the right to tell your neighbors what jobs are or are not good enough for them?”