Jobs??? We don’t need no steenking jobs…

So says the Doña Ana County Commission. A Texas-based company undoubtedly received a rude awakening despite the challenging economy when they attempted to open a meat processing plant that would have created 55 jobs near Berino and Anthony. And we wonder why New Mexico’s economic situation — not very good in the first placecontinues to deteriorate?

County Commissioner Dolores Salda a-Caviness (as quoted in this story), who voted against the proposal, said she supports “sound, clean economic development and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

“However, I don’t think my threshold has been met,” she said. “I don’t think this is the time or place for the Berino area.” My question for Salda a-Caviness is, “what resources do you have at stake here? What gives you the right to tell your neighbors what jobs are or are not good enough for them?”

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5 Replies to “Jobs??? We don’t need no steenking jobs…”

  1. Yet, another business(?) with no planning and community skills goes down…whose fault…not the community. The Commission simply asked questions that the business could not answer. Part of providing jobs…is providing a committment to grow the quality of life in the area. This business (?) failed that very important test.

  2. Yes, Paul(?), meat packing is a business. I guess it is not the community’s fault that residents have no jobs and that tax revenues are way down, huh? I think people looking for work would argue that having a job would improve quality of life in the area. I guess you would rather those people go without work. Thanks!!!

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