Just a reminder: US CO2 Emissions haven’t been this low since the early 1980s

As President Trump’s presidency reaches its conclusion and Joe Biden heads into the White House fortified by Congressional majorities (albeit narrow ones) we can undoubtedly expect some ambitious “green” energy policies. While the media and the political left (often one and the same) continue to decry the supposed damage Trump did to the climate over the past 4 years, the reality is that CO2 emissions in the US are at their lowest TOTAL levels since Ronald Reagan’s first term as President. See below:

Yes, 2020’s decline was “aided” by the shutdown of the US economy, but the long-term trend was toward lower emissions anyway thanks both to the abandonment of coal fired power plants and the advent of fracking and cheap natural gas. Trump didn’t do anything to change that.

The real question is whether (with the COVID vaccine and, presumably the broader reopening of the US economy) whether “green” Joe Biden will preside over an INCREASE in CO2 emissions over the next year or even his next four years. Talk about ironic!