K-12 Spending Per Student in OECD

No surprise that, despite poor results, the US ranks near the top of this survey. So much for more money being the answer to education woes in the US or in New Mexico. Thanks to the folks at the Mercatus Center for this useful information.

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2 Replies to “K-12 Spending Per Student in OECD”

  1. The figure of about $90,000 for K-12 for the US is probably low. When one looks at the figures compiled by the National Center for Educational Statistics (part of the US Department of Education) and searches for the report entitled “Revenues and Expenditures for Public Elementary and Secondary Education School Year 2006-2007,” the annual per student cost is over $10,000.

    As pointed out in the book “Education Myths” by Jay Greene, K-12 public education expenditures have doubled on an inflation adjusted basis over the last 20 years in the US and student test scores have NOT improved.

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