‘Keep It in the Ground’ — And Wreck New Mexico


Have you heard of “Keep It in the Ground”? It’s the latest eco-left assault on coal, oil, and natural gas, and it’s a missile aimed right at the heart of New Mexico’s economy and fiscal health.

According to The Atlantic‘s CityLab: “The explicit language of ‘keep it in the ground’ appears in a letter written by 400 green advocates requesting that President Obama cut off drilling on federal lands. A bill with that name sits in the U.S. Senate … . The websites of leading environmental groups like the Sierra Club and Greenpeace proclaim Keep It in the Ground as a top priority for fighting climate change.”

Earlier this week, the reality-based analysts at the Institute for Energy Research examined KIITG, and found that the campaign “hurts our economy” and “imperils our health and well-being.”

“Exploring the Dangers of the Keep it in the Ground Campaign” looks at the issue from a national perspective, so let’s focus on the impact on New Mexico. Over 30 percent of the state’s general fund is derived from hydrocarbon taxes, royalties, and fees. As reported by the Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, 56 percent of New Mexico’s oil production is on federal lands. For natural gas, the share is 63 percent.

End energy production on “public” property, and New Mexico’s already-fragile economy would go into a horrific tailspin. KIITG represents a dire threat to the Land of Enchantment.