New polling data indicate strong support for school choice

Just in time for School Choice Week, the American Federation for Children working with Beck Research, LLC, has released polling on Americans’ support for school choice.

Key findings from poll:
· 70 percent fully support the concept of school choice, including 42 percent who strongly support it, while 24 percent oppose it.
· Last year, 69 percent supported and 27 percent opposed.
· 65 percent support private school choice (32 percent oppose), when those surveyed were asked if they support, “opportunity scholarships, also known as school vouchers.”
· Support among Democrats has increased from 60% in 2015 to 65% in 2016 while Independents’ (66%) and Republicans’ (80%) preference for choice remains steady.
· 53 percent of voters support “school vouchers” (without using the term “opportunity scholarship”).
· 65 percent support Education Savings Accounts with only 29 percent opposed.
· 75 percent support public charter schools with only 21 percent opposing it.

School choice tax credits legislation (HB 207) has been introduced in the New Mexico House. Similar legislation passed the House during the 2015 session but never received a vote in the Senate.

The poll, conducted January 19-24, 2016 surveyed 1,100 likely voters, including an 800 person national sample, on questions related to educational choice, vouchers and charter schools.